★★★★★ "Gripping, visceral and hysterical... this is the queer Mary Poppins that LGBTQ people deserve. A modern masterpiece." -Gay Times


★★★★★ "Clear why it has become such a cult hit. Hilarious, unforgettable performance by Tom Lenk. Quirky comedy tour de force that keeps the audience in fits of laughter." -British Theatre


★★★★★ "A gem of a show, downright hysterical, must be seen." -Three Weeks Edinburgh


★★★★★ "So refreshing when something actually lives up to the hype surrounding it." -TheUpComing


★★★★★ "With not a dull moment in sight, this is NOT one to miss." -QueerGuru


★★★★ "Resplendent with movie star magic... its not hard to understand why this show has become a cult hit in the US." -The Guardian


★★★★ "More than just a witty title." Broadway Baby


★★★★ "Hysterical... Brilliant tour de force." -Broadway World


★★★★ "A dark, riotous romp." -Arthurs Seat

"Fabulously funny. Tom Lenk as Tilda is pure genius." -Graham Norton


"One of the most astonishing feats of live creation I've ever seen." -Joss Whedon


"Hilarious, clever, uplifting Highly recommend." -Joseph Gordon-Levitt


"The story of an unlikely friendship that's more uplifting than Tilda's quiff." -TimeOut London


"Mad comedy genius." -Michael Urie 


"Funniest thing in ages." Jason Biggs


"Fame and Celebrity is brilliantly explored." -Broadway World New York


"Delightful, hilarious, and moving!" -Angela Kinsey


"Hysterical played to perfection by Tom Lenk." -Broadway World LA


"Run to the theatre." -Edge Media Network


"Hysterically and surprisingly cathartic." - FrontMezzJunkies.com


"Hilarious... unforgettable, delightful experience." -StageBuddy.com


"Damn funny... drunk on laughter... masterful at comedy." -LavenderAfterDark


"Tilda de force... hysterically absurd... grinning ear to ear." -BoyCulture.com

“A dark, riotous romp—full to the brim with industry references and topped off with a star who could rival the great Ms. Swinton herself.”

           -Arthur's Seat

“Wonderful... unique Fringe show that has the audience in fits of laughter throughout.”

           -Broadway World Scotland

“More than just a witty title.”

           -Broadway Baby

"A 'Tilda' de force... hysterically absurd... grinning ear to ear."



Hysterically and surprisingly cathartic."


"Hilarious... unforgettable, delightful experience."


"Damn funny... drunk on laughter... masterful at comedy."


"Ridiculously fun... Tom Lenk is perfection."



“Catch mad comedy genius Tom Lenk as Tilda Swinton in TILDA SWINTON ANSWERS AN AD ON CRAIGSLIST - Byron Lane's wild weird and wondrous play directed by master Tom DeTrinis.”

          -Michael Urie (UGLY BETTY)


“Funniest thing I've seen in ages. Get tix. Trust.”

           -Jason Biggs (AMERICAN PIE)

“Hilarious... Tom Lenk is flat out amazing! The whole cast is fantastic! Written by the brilliant Byron Lane... check out this delightful, hilarious, and moving play. I laughed so hard I cried and made the ugly face.”

         -Angela Kinsey (THE OFFICE)

​"Byron Lane's meditation on the artifice and projection of fame and celebrity is brilliantly explored through the prism of Tom Lenk's exquisitely crafted performance in Tilda Swinton ANSWERS AN AD ON CRAIGSLIST"

           -Broadway World, Audrey Moyce

“Hysterical… Byron Lane has written a brilliant tour de force played to perfection by Tom Lenk.”

           -Broadway World, Gil Kaan

“Skilled comedians… flawless aplomb.”

           -LA Weekly


“Lenk is fabulous as Tilda.”

           -Stage Raw


“The title alone gives you a sense of the delicious ridiculousness of Byron Lane's new play… bolstered by a landmark performance by Joss Whedon favorite Tom Lenk… run to the theatre.”

           -Edge Media Network